california x

If we had some way to record behind the scenes clips, we’d have one hell of a foul-mouthed clip for you this week.  As we briefly discuss at the top o this episode, we had a lot of technical difficulties this week trying to get the show done.  Why? Well, we still haven’t quite figured that out…we just found a way around our usual methods.  Once we got the ball rolling though, we made a pretty strong show for you.  We have two new Hardcore(ish) albums, two new eps, and one new album whose presence on this show is questionable. Funny enough, the album that may-or-may-not belong here is the one rating we all agreed on.  Weird, right?  Anyway…Kyle also nears having a meltdown over the new Killswitch Engage single; Brian and Nick share their opinions as well.  To top off the show, we reveal the winner of our Holy Grail contests and give some exclusive news at the end of the show.


Reviews: California X – California X; Fall City Fall – VictusHatebreed – The Divinity of PurposeNewsted – Metal; Rotten Sound – Species at War 

Preview: Killswitch Engage – “In Due Time”

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