car bomb

What’s Thick, Heavy, and Feels Oh So Good?

Answer – the production on 3/4 of what we cover this week.
Anyway, last week we previewed a new Trap Them song and then commented we can hopefully review the album soon.  Well guess what? We can and we did. In addition to that, we have (spoiler alert) another awesome album…and one that missed the mark worse than a Stormtrooper. The new Car Bomb song almost makes up for it though.


Exalt The Shape You Took Before the Ache (Good Fight)
Trap Them Crown Feral (Prosthetic)
Of Mice & Men – Cold World (Rise)

First Impression:
Car Bomb – “Sets” from Meta out October 28th

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This week, things get back to normal.  Each host is recording from their respective, powered home.  We have four new album reviews, including the one we missed last week. We even have a discussion that doesn’t turn into a debate/fight (and Brian is able to follow the whole thing)!  Weird, right? Don’t worry…there is a little debating during one of the album reviews. We even have a quick live review of Lamb of God show that went down at Roseland Ballroom in NYC two nights ago.  So, yeah…things are about as normal as they get around here.


Reviews: All That Remains – A War You Cannot WinCar Bomb – w^w^^w^wDeftones – Koi No YokanMachine Head – Machine F**king Head Live

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After a two week absence…which includes last week’s episode with our awesome Byzantine interview…Kyle returns to the fold and brings the show back to normal. In this more normal episode, we give our bias-even-though-we-try-not-to-be opinions on four new albums and four yet-to-be-released albums, which we preview through new singles. Oh, and we also briefly discuss the most batshit crazy asshat in Metal, Dave Mustaine.  (And Dave…just like the mass shootings, this discussion about your ridiculousness was NOT staged.)


Reviews: Dust Bolt – Violent Demolition; Ephel Duath – On Death and CosmosThe Faceless – AutotheismSophicide – Perdition of the Sublime

First Impressions: Cryptopsy – “Two Pound Torch”; Car Bomb – “Third Revelation”; Hooded Menace – “Summoned into Euphoric Madness”; Witchcraft – “Ghosts House”

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