circle of contempt

Baby Steps

Last week, we talked a bit about how bands evolve using old influences, or how they just devolve. This week, we inadvertently talk about band evolution and growth again, but from a different angle: taking small steps.  Small steps would seem safer, right?  They can be, but it still does not always work in a band’s favor.  Just listen to the show and you’ll get it.


Dust Bolt Mass Confusion (Napalm)
Silent Planet – Everything was Sound (Solid State)
Circle of Contempt – Structures for Creation

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Ok, not really.  This is just the last episode of reviews. In this episode, we reach a grand total of 171 albums and EPs reviewed this year.  That doesn’t include the singles we previewed or liv shows we went over…just albums and EPS.  It comes to little over 3 a week, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but trust us, it is especially when trying to actually listen to them, do other things in life and maybe  listen to other music.  Anyhooooo…the final four reviews are a three more albums we missed, plus one new EP. Nick and Brian also give a review of the Every Time I Die show from last week plus go over a few year end lists from other sites and a couple of magazines.  The next two weeks will feature our own End of the Year Honors, so make sure you gets your asses back here to join in the fun.

Reviews: Circle of ContemptEntwine the Threads; Code Orange Kids – Love is Love//Return to DustPallbearerSorrow and ExtinctionRise and Fall – Faith


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