crisis in utopia

You read that right!  We are giving away CD copies of both Holy Grail full-length albums, their 2010 debut Crisis in Utopia and their brand new 2013 sophomore release Ride the Void!



The name Holy Grail makes us think of the famous fictional archeologist Indiana Jones and his 1989 quest for that elusive treasure.  We grew up watching that and the other movies, as I am sure many of you have.  And you didn’t grow up on them, you most likely have seen them and like them. If you haven’t seen them…well…your parents don’t love you enough to teach about the classics and you have our pity.  Anyway, we want to know what you have learn from Indy while you joined him on his adventures. Leave us a comment here telling us what you learned from Indy. Alternatively, you can Tweet us your answer with #WhatILearnedFromIndy. Our favorite lesson will win! It doesn’t have to be the most legit lesson either…have some fun with it!

Please DO NOT leave a comment and Tweet; only submit via one or the other. All submissions must be made by 12:00AM Thursday, January 31 as we will be recording Episode 70 that evening.  The winner will be announced in Episode 70, which will be available on February 3, 2013.  The winner will be contacted for their mailing address after the announcement. The contest is open to all listeners everywhere unless prohibited in your country.

Thought we would have some sexual joke for a show title, didn’t you?  We definitely thought about it, but once you listen to this episode, the title will make sense.  Ok, it will make as much sense as it is going to make.  Anyhoooo…Kyle rejoins the group this week and we deliver four more new album reviews AND bring a you a giveaway contest!!  There will be a separate post about it too, but we are giving away both Holy Grail’s LPs, Crisis in Utopia and their newest (which we review in this episode) Ride the Void. Listen to the show for details. There are a couple of surprises in the other reviews too (hint: you’ll have to drink a lot). On top of that, Kyle catches himself and you slackers up on some of the latest news.  What’s that?  You don’t want to be a slacker or like Kyle?  Can’t blame ya.  Well, then get your ass over to Google +, where Brian shares all the news!


Reviews: Clamfight – I Versus the Glacier; Corpus Mortale – FleshcraftHoly Grail – Ride the VoidMutiny Within – Synchronicity 

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