Rain to the Sound of Panic

We don’t know what the weather has been like where you are, but where we are in NJ and MA (USA), we have had crazy heavy storms day after day.  They don’t last long, but they have been wreaking havoc in certain areas.  We mention THIS early on in the show, so see it for yourself.  Oh, and bonus kudos to anybody that gets the show title without googling it.


Soreption – Monument of the End (Sumerian)
Crossfaith – Ex_Machina (UNFD)
Within the Ruins World Undone EP (eOne)


The Motion Mosaic

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The Ultimate Collaboration

We have four new albums, three of which are from bands previously reviewed on the podcast. This week’s show has quite a mix of stuff, but is pretty straightforward. As such, so is this write-up.  Just get listening.


The Black Dahlia Murder Abysmal (Metal Blade)
Tesseract Polaris (Kscope)
Crossfaith Xeno (Razor & Tie)
Of Feather and Bone – Embrace the Wretched Flesh (Good Fight)

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When we were done recording Episode 106 last week, we realized that not a whole hell of a lot was coming out this week.  Making the matter worse, there weren’t really any artists we recognized from the previous week or two.  So, being the dedicated bunch we are, we combed through a whole bunch of music on the release list, sampling bits and pieces of random albums, to pick out stuff we thought we (and you) might enjoy. This episode is the result of that experiment, and despite only having previous knowledge of one band we review this week, it went rather well…if we do say so ourselves.


Reviews: Crossfaith – Apocalyze (The End); Enabler – Flies EP (independent); Herrschaft – Les 12 Vestiges (Code 666); Vorna – Ajastaika (Inverse); Vulture Industries – The Tower (Season of Mist)