daylight dies

As anybody who has listened to this show a few times knows, I HATE doing these damn lists.    You and I both know the main reason is because I am extremely indecisive.  However, I also detest them because no matter how long I make the list (Kyle gets angry when I do more than 10) I still feel like I am slighting albums that don’t deserve it.   Then out of the albums I do pick, I have to split hairs over which ones I like more than others only to come up with a list I am not even sure I 100% agree with!  In the end, I have to get something together and just say, “Screw it.  It’s close enough.”

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Nick and Brian hold down the fort for another week while Kyle is off nerding it up at NY ComicCon. Kyle will return next week, but in the meantime, the two faithful hosts bring you four more fresh reviews as well as a couple of previews. And this is about the time we makes some witty comments and make this post more amusing, but we are a bit tired after a late night filled with laser tag and The Cabin in the Woods so…sorry about that.


Reviews: ConvergeAll We Love We Leave Behind, Daylight DiesA Frail Becoming, SybreedGod Is An Automaton, The Acacia StrainDeath Is The Only Mortal

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