With only a few major releases to cover this week, it it being the middle(ish) of the year, we decided to tease our end-of-the-year list extravaganza with a look at what we have as early contenders.  Our personal lists vary quite a bit, and for some (like Brian) there are going to be many releases that need to be weeded through before the lists are made.  However, I think we all agreed that The Devastated put out the worst album of the year so far…and God help us if something worse comes out.  Anyway…to top off this week’s show, we also take a little look into the future, previewing some songs off of some forthcoming albums.


Reviews: Nile – At the Gates of Sethu Periphery – Periphery II

Singles: As I Lay Dying – Cauterize”; Katatonia – “Dead Letters”; Testament – “True American Hate”

This week we make up for the lack of reviews in Episode 20 by sharing our thoughts on four albums and some “music” that makes you consider one of those ridiculous “would you rather…?” conundrums.  Really! You kinda end up in a position like, “would listen to this or use  broken beer bottles instead of toilet paper for the next week?”  Anyway, we also throw you our two cents on the recently announced Orion Music + More festival…and you may be surprised where we end up with that.

Album Reviews: Beneath the Massacre – IncongrousCaliban I Am Nemesis; The DevastatedDevil’s MessengerGoatwhore – Blood for the MasterOrange Goblin – A Eulogy for the Damned


Metal can come from anywhere.  Most head-bangers know this already. America has got some good stuff, but Europe might have even more…and that’s not to mention Australia, Japan, etc.  And while this week two of our three album reviews are from bands based in the USofA, the third comes from the unlikely locale of The Maldives.  We also got some singles for you, coming from England, the US (again), and band “based in Seattle, but with members “spread out across both the United States and two continents.””  It’s like traveling without having to get off your couch!  You’re welcome, world.

Album reviews: Bleeding ThroughThe Great Fire; LiberteerBetter To Die on Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees; NothnegalDecadence

Single reviews: The Safety Fire – “Huge Hammers”; The Devastated – “Devil’s Messenger”; Narrows – “Under the Guillotine”

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