Yes, that’s exactly where I came up with my radio personality—a combination of my love for wrestling and the corny DJ names at 106.9 WCCC in Connecticut. It also made for a pretty sweet opening to my radio show (I’ll post that at a later date).

I reveal this bit of SIDESHOW trivia to you because in a companion piece to Brian’s trip to Disney World, and to fulfill a promise from Episode 28, I present to you a “Once in a Lifetime” slideshow from Wrestlemania XXVIII. Read Full Article

Hey fellow freaks…Brian here.

As promised, I have finally gotten around to sharing some of my more “metal” Disney pictures.

After hamming it up in the first picture, in front of the big guitar (at the All Star Music Resort, where we stayed), my fiancée, Kaitlyn, suggested I take a bunch of those shots of me throwing the goat randomly throughout the trip because we could make a funny album out of it. So, I did. Before I could take another one of those, we found that Tigger is apparently a Metallica fan, and seems to enjoy a little air guitar. After that, I remembered an old Revolver (back when it was still a credible metal magazine) where Unearth and a few other bands they were touring with were sent on a scavenger hunt in Disney Land, CA. One of the things they had to get was was a picture with a character throwing the goat (Unearth got Chip and Dale). Well…challenge accepted.

Enjoy! And stay tuned for the tour of my basement (as promised in Episode 3).