We have been telling you about all these new songs we should be doing First Impressions of for weeks, but we had been otherwise preoccupied with, well, life to get to them.  So, this week we finally get our shit together and cover some!  Turns out there were enough new songs since the last show to do six this segment. Well, there were more but we only get to six of them because of the four albums we review this week.  However we do get to play half of those First Impressions for you as well as something from each album we review, so that should keep you freaks busy for a while.


Reviews: Bury Tomorrow Runes (Nuclear Blast); Enabler – La Fin Absolue Du Monde (The Compound/Creator Destructor); Sabaton – Heroes (Nuclear Blast); Trap Them – Blissfucker (Prosthetic)

First Impressions:
Septicflesh – “Prototype” from Titan out June 28 thru Prosthetic
Origin – “All Things Dead” from Omnipresent out July 8 thru Nuclear Blast
Threat Signal – “Nostalgia” pre-production demo from forthcoming album
Goatwhore – “FBS” from Constricting Rage of the Merciless out July 8 thru Metal Blade
Fallujah – “Sapphire” from The Flesh Prevails out July 22 thru Unique Leader
Entombed A.D. – “Bedlam Attack” from Back to the Front out August 5 thru Century Media

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For those of you who use our super helpful release lists, you know that this past week was a really slow week releases. So, to compensate,  this week’s show has quite the variety.  We do have a brand new album but we also threw in a few older albums of bands we (and maybe you) were introduced to within the last year. As if that wasn’t enough Metal goodness, we also take a look into the future with a whole bunch of First Impressions.


Reviews: Destrage – The King is Fat ‘N’ Old (Coroner); Hate – Anaclasis: A Haunting Gospel of Malice & Hatred (Listenable); Saille – Irreversible Decay (Code 666); Triptykon – Melena Chasmata (Century Media)

First Impressions:
Enabler – “Prey” or “New Life” from La Fin Absolue Du Monde out May 27 via Creator-Destructor Records and Earsplit Compound
Wovenwar – “All Rise” from debut album out summer 2014 via Metal Blade
Vallenfyre – “Odius Bliss” from Splinters out May 13 via Century Media
Mastodon – “High Road” from Once More Round The Sun out June via Reprise
Killer Be Killed – “Wings of Feathers and Wax” and “Face Down” from Killer Be Killed out May 13 via Nuclear Blade
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When we were done recording Episode 106 last week, we realized that not a whole hell of a lot was coming out this week.  Making the matter worse, there weren’t really any artists we recognized from the previous week or two.  So, being the dedicated bunch we are, we combed through a whole bunch of music on the release list, sampling bits and pieces of random albums, to pick out stuff we thought we (and you) might enjoy. This episode is the result of that experiment, and despite only having previous knowledge of one band we review this week, it went rather well…if we do say so ourselves.


Reviews: Crossfaith – Apocalyze (The End); Enabler – Flies EP (independent); Herrschaft – Les 12 Vestiges (Code 666); Vorna – Ajastaika (Inverse); Vulture Industries – The Tower (Season of Mist)

After last week’s longest episode ever, Brian and Nick got this one down to a much more manageable length.  Maybe it is because Waldo Kyle is absent again, maybe it’s because there is one less review.  The world may never know.  Anyway, this week, we again have very stylistically diverse albums ranging from slick Symphonic Metal to blisteringly fast Death Metal.  There is also plenty of new music for you to listen to in this show, so you should probably stop reading this and get right to it. Seriously.  Stop.  I don’t really have anything else to add anyway, so go listen.


Reviews: Enabler Shift of Redemption (Think Fast); EyeconoclastDrones of the Awakening (Prosthetic); Fallujah  Nomadic (Unique Leader); SerenityWar of Ages (Napalm); Vanna The Few and the Far Between (Razor & Tie)

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As anybody who has listened to this show a few times knows, I HATE doing these damn lists.    You and I both know the main reason is because I am extremely indecisive.  However, I also detest them because no matter how long I make the list (Kyle gets angry when I do more than 10) I still feel like I am slighting albums that don’t deserve it.   Then out of the albums I do pick, I have to split hairs over which ones I like more than others only to come up with a list I am not even sure I 100% agree with!  In the end, I have to get something together and just say, “Screw it.  It’s close enough.”

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