Episode 43

If you haven’t listened to Ep. 43 yet, #YouAskedForIt, go do that first.  Spoiler: we have our biggest brawl yet over who would have been the headliner at the now-cancelled Dethklok, Lamb Of God, Gojira show.  Whatever your reasons may be, we want to know who you think the headliner should have been.  Not asking who’s better – just who would have motivated more bodies to come through the door.

Either way, it got Gojira a couple solo dates in my area so I’m happy with either outcome!

July’s release schedule gives new meaning to the dog days of summer. After barely having enough reviews for Episodes 40 and 41, the last week of the month offers nada in the way of new music. But that’s fine by us because we’re making you Freaks do all the hard work instead.

That’s right—we’re letting the inmates run the asylum in Episode 43 with a new segment called #YouAskedForIt. Inspired by two of our most faithful Freaks (@bobjsala and @JorgeColonna), we want to know what you’re listening to. And then, in typical SIDESHOW fashion, we’ll tell you whether you’re a connoisseur of taste or a poseur that’s wasting our time. And by “we” I mean the ROCK(jock) is probably the only one who will be a dick about it.

In order for this to work though we need you to make your voices heard! Throw us your suggestions in the comments section of this post, over on our Facebook wall, or on Twitter with #YouAskedForIt. Then make sure to come back on Sunday, July 29 for Episode 43 to hear our infallible judgments on your personal tastes.

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