Kyle is still missing, and, as usual, we have some more new music reviews. However none of that is important this week. This week, we have an exclusive interview with Chris “OJ” Ojeda, frontman and co-founder of the recently reformed BYZANTINE.  Making this even more special is that this is OJ’s first official interview since band’s reformation!  OJ discusses the band’s split, how they reunited, signing with Gravedancer Records, and he reveals the scheduled release date of their forthcoming, self-titled album.


Reviews: Dew-Scented – Icarus; King of Asgard – …To NorthNachtmystium – Silencing Machine

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After last week’s massive brawl, Kyle got fed up with how things were going and left Nick and Brian to handle the show on their own.  Actually, no, that isn’t really true; Kyle is not here this week, but that is because life got in the way, and he is apparently too busy and important to record.  So, your other two (arguably better) hosts take you through some new album reviews, a look back of some of the bigger headlines from the last week, and close out the show with a rundown of the many tours traversing the country in the next two months.  And, as fair warning, there are a lot of tours coming around, so start scrounging for change in the couch cushions and cut your drinking down (just a little).


Reviews: Gaza – No Absolutes in Human Suffering; Testament – Dark Roots of EarthVanisher – Unbound

A few weeks ago, we started soliciting your requests for albums and bands to review on the show.  Well, we listened to the posts shared on Google +, tweets at Kyle on Twitter, and comments left on Facebook and this site, took a bunch of those suggestions, and formed an entire episode around reviewing what you wanted us to.  Some suggestions were great, some not so much, but that was the fun of it!

To keep this interaction going, keep your suggestions coming via all the aforementioned channels!  We are keeping a running list of them (we didn’t get to all of the suggestions this time) so we keep this going in future episodes.  Also, if your opinion of these suggestions differs from ours, let us know why in the comments!

Oh, and one more thing…we apologize in advance for Brian and Kyle’s excessive arguing in this episode.  They hadn’t had it out in a while so it got a little out of hand, and Nick even joined in a bit before shutting the two of them up.  This is why we include the chapter skips in the show.  You’re welcome.


Reviews: Dyscarnate – And So it Came to Pass; Exotic Animal Petting Zoo – Tree of TonguesMake Them Suffer – Neverbloom; Sabaton – Carolus Rex

As you will probably notice listening to this week’s show, Kyle seems to think he has broken the space/time continuum, putting us a week ahead at episode 43.  But, alas, he does not have some special super power, and we are back at…well, currently at…42.   And, in this week’s episode, we managed to scrape up four brand new album reviews, hitting a few different metal stylings, including one we aren’t entirely sure we can still count as metal…not in a bad way though.   We also hit the G+ Spot and tell you about the future plans for the actual Episode 43, which will be all about the albums you asked us to check out. (Feel free to keep giving us more suggestions! We’ll keep going back to them for future episodes.)


Reviews: Baroness – Yellow & Green ; Bury TomorrowThe Union of Crowns The Contortionist – Intrinsic; A Hero A Fake – The Future Again

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With only a few major releases to cover this week, it it being the middle(ish) of the year, we decided to tease our end-of-the-year list extravaganza with a look at what we have as early contenders.  Our personal lists vary quite a bit, and for some (like Brian) there are going to be many releases that need to be weeded through before the lists are made.  However, I think we all agreed that The Devastated put out the worst album of the year so far…and God help us if something worse comes out.  Anyway…to top off this week’s show, we also take a little look into the future, previewing some songs off of some forthcoming albums.


Reviews: Nile – At the Gates of Sethu Periphery – Periphery II

Singles: As I Lay Dying – Cauterize”; Katatonia – “Dead Letters”; Testament – “True American Hate”