Frak the Gods

In this episode we discuss box sets vs. pre-order packages, the Frak The Gods tweet session, and attempt to further drive our audience away.

REVIEWS:  Skeletonwitch,  Forever Abomination; Cipher System, Communicate the Storms; Threat Signal, Threat Signal


You gotta love Twitter.

Last week, before we even posted the first episode of The SIDESHOW Podcast (go download it on iTunes NOW), yours truly, the ROCK(jock), managed to piss off a band and alienate its entire fan base. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

Our new listeners will quickly realize I love to be bombastic and in your face. Remember though, it’s all in good fun (usually) and we’re just trying to entertain you. It looks like it worked too because not only did I have a blast doing it but apparently you all enjoyed following it as well! Thanks to everyone who checked out @SIDESHOWPodcast on Twitter for our first ever live Tweeting/review session at last week’s Frak the Gods Tour stop at Gramercy Theatre here in NYC. Expect more of these soon.

For those of you who missed it–WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU?! Go! Head over to Twitter right now and follow @SIDESHOWPodcast for shenanigans like the ones below. That’s right–I’m awesome and won’t make you go fish out all the old Tweets. I’ve posted the entire transcript from last week’s live Tweeting session so you can experience for all the hilarity yourself–including my standoff with Stray From the Path. Boys–the offer still stands. Somebody needs to put me in my place!

NOTE: The Tweets go in reverse order (just as they would appear in your Twitter feed) and feature no time stamps. This is also completely unedited, hence why the Tweets sometimes appear out of the order they were intended. Once we get a handle on this whole, newfangled “blogging” thing, we’ll try being a little less ghetto and do a proper live blogging session from a show. But for now, you’ll enjoy it this way and be happy to have it.

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Hey guys!

Though our regular show posting day will be on Sundays from here on out, I wanted to make sure everything is communicating properly between the site and the iTunes store, so I’m putting the show up NOW instead.  That’s right – TWO DAYS EARLY!

Also, give it up for Kyle for the great show updating at the Frak The Gods Tour last night.  If you’re not already doing so, by sure to follow us on Twitter (@SIDESHOWpodcast) and “Like” us on Facebook (/theSIDESHOWpodcast).

Enjoy the show!