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Thought we would have some sexual joke for a show title, didn’t you?  We definitely thought about it, but once you listen to this episode, the title will make sense.  Ok, it will make as much sense as it is going to make.  Anyhoooo…Kyle rejoins the group this week and we deliver four more new album reviews AND bring a you a giveaway contest!!  There will be a separate post about it too, but we are giving away both Holy Grail’s LPs, Crisis in Utopia and their newest (which we review in this episode) Ride the Void. Listen to the show for details. There are a couple of surprises in the other reviews too (hint: you’ll have to drink a lot). On top of that, Kyle catches himself and you slackers up on some of the latest news.  What’s that?  You don’t want to be a slacker or like Kyle?  Can’t blame ya.  Well, then get your ass over to Google +, where Brian shares all the news!


Reviews: Clamfight – I Versus the Glacier; Corpus Mortale – FleshcraftHoly Grail – Ride the VoidMutiny Within – Synchronicity 

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Now that we got that nostalgia out of out system, we are back with fully loaded episode. We start this week off with a look at the drama surrounding Randy Blythe and his manslaughter charges in the Chzech Republic.  Those of you who have been following Brian on Google+ are probably sick of hearing about it, but we would be remiss if we did not throw our unsolicited two cents in.  We then get into some brand new album reviews, one of which immediately becomes a two-on-one fight against Kyle.  Also mixed in there is a live review of metal legends Iron Maiden’s “Maiden England” tour stop at Jones Beach! All of this should be enough to make up for last week…not that we are sorry about it, but we are sure there are a few of you who were not as amused as we were.


Reviews: Gojira – L’Enfant SauvageMemphis May Fire – Challenger; Miseration – Tragedy Has Spoken

We teased it last week and now it is here: an all Nü-Metal episode!  We kick it old school, getting all nostalgic on the late 90’s/early 2000’s “metal” your three host started off on.  We also bring it back around, talking about some of these bands reuniting, putting out new music, touring, etc., and even view some some new Nü-Metal!  Yet, somehow we managed to go through the whole recording without discussing Slipknot or System of a Down, admittedly an oversight, but, well, at least they’re mentioned here. Also, to keep a kind of theme going, Brian’s gonna be sharing some Nü-Metal news over on Google+ (where you should be following him anyway for regular actual-Metal news).


Reviews: lostprophets – WeaponsSpineshank – Anger Denial Acceptance; Taproot – The Episodes

Earlier this week, a very interesting conversation started on Google+ about what will surely be an ongoing discussion here: What is metal?  Regular listeners of this podcast know we cover a broad range of sub-genres, including bands that barely skim what would be considered heavy (Alcest and Dead Letter Circus come to mind first), yet these bands, and many other not-so-heavy bands, are generally accepted by the metal community. Does that makes them “metal”?  This is exactly the topic we start tackling, and encourage you to get involved in through the comments here or any of our other social forums.

In addition to this epic topic, we review some undoubtedly metal albums and EPs and have some fun with another iTunes Shuffle review.


Reviews: Havok – Point of No ReturnShadows Fall – Fire From the Sky; TesseracT – PerspectiveTo Speak of Wolves -Find Your Worth, Come Home

iTunes Shuffle – Metallica – S&M

The SIDESHOW is a constantly evolving hydra. Every time you take something away–whether it be hosts or radio towers–we find new and heavier ways to fulfill our mission statement–bringing you the best (and worst) music to make your ears bleed. It’s been that way for almost a decade. It’s who we are and it’s what we do. Today, we slay another head so three news ones can spring forth from the depths and assault all your metal needs better than ever before.

First, allow me to state the obvious–we’re not a metal news site. A ton of those already exist on the Interweb and do it far better than we ever could. We don’t talk about news that much on the show either because, well, there’s not much time for it in the fleeting moments between arguments. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have a lot to say about all the interesting stuff going.

Another obvious fact–a lot of people use Facebook. I don’t know why, but they do and our lack of presence there means we deprive a large chunk of the world of our infinite wisdom.

That’s why, after weeks of talking, we’ve finally relaunched our Facebook page to bludgeon both these birds with one nuclear bomb of metal.

Facebook will be a one stop shop for of all The SIDESHOW Podcast’s online shenanigans. It will feature all the posts from our central location at, all of our Tweets–which you’ll start seeing at more regular and frequent intervals–and most importantly, all the news fit to post from our favorite metal news outlets across the post-Apocalyptic wasteland that is the Internet. That will come courtesy of our new G+ account, which you can follow over at Or, better yet, just keep up with EVERYTHING we do on Facebook. That’s what it’s there for.

More importantly, these are three new and improved ways for YOU to make your voice heard. We may drive this crazy train, but you’re the ones steering it and we want to hear from you. Post on Facebook, share us on G+, Tweet back on Twitter, or leave a comment on No matter where you scream, we will hear it.

2012 may not be our 10th Anniversary just yet as I erroneously Tweeted a while back, but we intend on keeping our promise to make it the Year of The SIDESHOW. Join us in the mosh pit.