Repeat Offenders

While this certainly isn’t the first time this has happened, it has been a while since all four reviewed album came from bands that have been discussed on the show previously.  Over that time, the bands may (or may not) have changed, for better or worse.  Your hosts’ tastes have definitely changed some too, also for better or worse.  So, what happens when this all comes together?  Well, go find out…


Enshine Singularity (Rain Without End)
Gorod A Maze of Recycled Creeds (Unique Leader)
Grave Out of Respect for the Dead (Century Media)
Fear Beyond Lunacy (The End)
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This week we have more reviews for than usual, but with fewer hosts to do them.  Yes, Kyle is MIA yet again (maybe this time in the Paralympics) but Nick and Brian hold things down pretty well taking you through five brand new album reviews. They also start chatting about vinyl, preorder packages, and some upcoming tours…all things you should talk to them about too by commenting on the site.  Just sayin’…  Oh, and while leaving your thoughts, tell us where you think Kyle is!  Maybe we’ll run down your guesses next week in our (semi-)big 5-0 episode


Reviews: Swallow The SunEmerald Forest And The Blackbird, KatatoniaDead End Kings, GraveEndless Procession Of Souls, Murder ConstructResults, The ChariotOne Wing

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