impermanent resonance

Lured back with the promise of two controversial reviews, Kyle returns after one of his usual, unexplained hiatuses.  While he only got one true bout of all-out disagreement, he did stick around the whole show to assist in this week’s five new album reviews, all of which are accompanied by new music! However, we think he got his money’s worth out of said review.  Now, there real question is, “Will he return next week?”  Nick and Brian’s guess, “No” but stranger things have happened.


Reviews: Dead in the Dirt – The Blind Hole (Southern Lord); iwrestledabearonce  – Late for Nothing (Century Media); James LaBrie – Impermanent Resonance (InsideOut); Norma Jean – Wrongdoers (Razor & Tie); Oathbreaker – Eros|Anteros (Deathwish)

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