What is Hardcore? How old does something have to be to be “old school”?  Do guitarists really need their own side-projects?  These are just some (or maybe all) of the deep, heavy questions we take a stab at in this week’s episode.  Do you think you know the answers or just want to throw your two cents in?  Then leave a comment and get in not he conversation.


Reviews: Architects (UK) Lost Together//Lost Forever (Epitaph); Conquering Dystopia – Conquering Dystopia (independent);  DestrageAre You Kidding Me? No. (Metal Blade); Polar Shadowed by Vultures (Prosthetic)

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15 Days Later: The Sideshow Podcast is quarantined

28 Days Later: The Sideshow Podcast has been destroyed by the “rage virus

5 Weeks Later: The infected have died of starvation

11 Weeks Later: A Kyle-led Festivus enters the show

18 Weeks Later: The Sideshow Podcast is declared free of infection

24 Weeks Later: Reconstruction begins

28 Weeks Later…

Reviews: High On Fire – De Vermis MysteriisJeff Loomis – Plains of Oblivion; Job For A Cowboy – Demonocracy


In the comments of last week’s episode, some listeners came up with ideas for a SideShow drinking game.  We LOVE the idea, and add a few more rules during this episode (official rules coming soon).  While this idea comes more into fruition, we also begin to discuss what proper etiquette is/should be at shows since apparently mall-trolling, Hot Topic-loving pre-pubescnents have no idea how to conduct themselves in public after they leave the min-van their mommy dropped them off in. We also take a look at the effect of side-project bands.  All of this, plus album reviews and previews await you in Episode 23.

Album Reviews: Asphyx – DeathhammerEvery Time I Die – Ex Lives; Horrendous – The ChillsVeil of Maya Eclipse

Single Previews: Allegaeon –  “Tartessos: The Hidden Xenocryst”; High on Fire – “Fertile Green”; Jeff Loomis – “The Ultimatum”; Vext – “In the End”


P.S. The side-project Brian couldn’t think of was Dimension Zero.  He realized it as the show was moving on and never got to go back.