Kyle the ROCK(jock)


For two hundred straight weeks, this show has be availability on or about every Sunday.  So, to, uh, celebrate, we did this one like most of our first hundred shows.  That’s right, freaks – The ROCK(Jock) makes a triumphant return to the podcast, bring his crotchety, jaded, yet unique perspective to this week’s reviews.

We’d also like to sincerely thank all of you who have listened to the show, sent us your band’s music, or otherwise supported this podcast in some way over the past two hundred weeks.  We wouldn’t be doing this without you!*


*Ok, we might, but it wouldn’t be as good or fun.

Thy Art Is Murder Holy War (Nuclear Blast)
Deathrite Revelation of Chaos (Prosthetic)
Great American Ghost – Everyone Leaves (Good Fight)
Solipsist – The Burning Mass (Ferocious)

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Yes, that’s exactly where I came up with my radio personality—a combination of my love for wrestling and the corny DJ names at 106.9 WCCC in Connecticut. It also made for a pretty sweet opening to my radio show (I’ll post that at a later date).

I reveal this bit of SIDESHOW trivia to you because in a companion piece to Brian’s trip to Disney World, and to fulfill a promise from Episode 28, I present to you a “Once in a Lifetime” slideshow from Wrestlemania XXVIII. Read Full Article

…and by “sun” I mean Internet. Sorry—the irony of co-opting Crazy Uncle Randy’s lyrics for this purpose tickled me in a way that was just too good to pass up.

In all seriousness though, we may be a few days late but honestly? I personally didn’t even know about all this craziness until Monday. If anything, that’s a testament to how effective the Blackout was in making its point. It caused a noticeable disruption in my life. And if SOPA or PIPA pass, it will do the same to you.

That’s why we here at The SIDESHOW Podcast are in full support of a free and open Internet. And it’s why you should be to. Educate yourself with the wealth of information below and then get in touch with your Congressperson, either by email or phone. If you’re like me, you’ll enjoy the more visceral experience calling the power hungry, greedy morons your fellow Americans elected and telling them off by phone. It’s way more metal.


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Before The (All-New) SIDESHOW Podcast makes 2012 its bitch, my co-hosts and I wanted to give you Freaks something to hold y’all over until the new releases start pouring in. Let’s face it, the beginning of the year is always pretty weak for new music. Not to mention, it might be hard to wrap your heads around the epicicity that was 2011 (for good and bad) considering it took us five episodes to cover it all (9-13 if you want to take a listen!). Which is why each of us is boiling down our picks into one, manageable blog post. Check out Nick’s here. Check out Brian’s…nowhere. Because he sucks. FIRST BURN OF THE NEW YEAR! WOOHOO!

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