This time around, Brian relieves Kyle of his “hosting” duties and gets down to business.  With SIX new albums to review, there wasn’t any time for his ridiculous shenanigans.  However, that is not to say we didn’t have any fun doing this episode.

Aaaand we also have something VERY special to share…The SideShow Podcast’s very first giveaway contest!  We have a pretty awesome prize for the lucky winner.  This is isn’t some random old CD Brian dug out of his basement, oh no. This is a nice collector’s piece.  Listen to the episode for details on how to enter!

Album reviews:  Abigail WilliamsBecoming; AbortedGlobal Flatline; Blessed By A Broken Heart – Feel The Power; Desecravity – Implicit Obedience; Lacuna Coil – Dark Adrenaline; Lamb of God – Resolution


…and by “sun” I mean Internet. Sorry—the irony of co-opting Crazy Uncle Randy’s lyrics for this purpose tickled me in a way that was just too good to pass up.

In all seriousness though, we may be a few days late but honestly? I personally didn’t even know about all this craziness until Monday. If anything, that’s a testament to how effective the Blackout was in making its point. It caused a noticeable disruption in my life. And if SOPA or PIPA pass, it will do the same to you.

That’s why we here at The SIDESHOW Podcast are in full support of a free and open Internet. And it’s why you should be to. Educate yourself with the wealth of information below and then get in touch with your Congressperson, either by email or phone. If you’re like me, you’ll enjoy the more visceral experience calling the power hungry, greedy morons your fellow Americans elected and telling them off by phone. It’s way more metal.


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When you last left your heroes, we gave you our best albums of 2011.  Now, we look at the year to come and the bounty of releases that it will bring, providing our hopes, dreams, and expectations of the albums.  While doing this, Brian manages to start yet another fight with Kyle, we discuss the changing sound of legacy Swedish acts, and provide the closest thing to breaking news that we may ever have.  SideShow.14

Apparently my co-hosts beat to making these posts.  Oh well.

We covered a lot of this on the show, so I will try not bore you with rehashing everything.  But, again, I would to say how much I loathe doing lists.  I always feel like I am snubbing so many good or great albums because I try not to be bias just because I favor one sub-genre over another.  Ok, well, I am doing just that, but I don’t like it. For example, Tombs is third on my list but I cannot listen to that album in any frequency because it is just depressing.  However, August Burns Red, Unearth, Amon Amarth and other put out great albums that I listened to a ton of times, but they didn’t make the list.

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On this, our TENTH episode (“A 10… a 10… a fucking 10!”), Kyle rejoins the show, coming back to a not-so-nice comment from a listener.  We discuss the new Lamb of God single, and continue our end-of-the-year honors with Most Improved, Most Overlooked, and Best Live Act.  Oh, and we review some sweet new releases.

REVIEWS: Savage Messiah – Plague of Conscience; Fallujah – The Harvest Wombs