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This week we have part one of our end of the year honors!  Brian, Nick and Kyle give you what they think (and actually agree on sometimes!) are the Worst Albums, Most Improved Bands, Most Disappointing Albums, Most Overlooked Albums, Best Live Shows,  and, last but not least, the Best Album Artworks.  For the last honor, you disfunction SideShow hosts bring in none other than Mike Clancey, friend and designer of the SideShow logos, to share his thoughts on this year’s album covers since he actually has knowledge on the subject.  Lastly, we bring you a rundown of the couple of shows we caught over the last couple of weeks including Dethklok’s headlining run and Killswitch Engage’s Alive or Just Breathing 10th anniversary show in NYC.


After last week’s Thanksgiving shenanigans, we are back to your regularly scheduled music reviewing shitshow.  And what a show we have!  We have a quite diverse line-up of music ranging from holiday tunes to Power Metal to…electronica?  Yes, that get’s explained, we promise.  Kyle even throws in some reviews of terribly awesome horror movies he watched on his birthday.  To top off the episode, preview the honors we will be giving during out year end festivities!  Not enough content for you?  Well too bad!  Ok, just kidding.  After the jump, our good friend and resident graphic artist Mike Clancey (he designed our logos) adds his thoughts on The Algorithm’s debut album.


Reviews: The AlgorithmPolymorphic Code; August Burns RedSleddin’ Hill; DestinityResolve in Crimson; Secret SpherePortrait of a Dying Heart

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