We have a solid show for you this week.  Good discussion, no fights, no real tangents, just good talk of heavy music. The reviews make for some good discussions based on their respective types of metal, which range from Folk to Doom/Gothic. The First Impressions alone run the gamut from Black/Folk/Progressive Metal to whatever you categorize Stone Sour as, so that keep things fresh as well.  Oh, and we take a few quick stabs at Five Finger Death Punch.  Why do they even get mentioned, you ask?  Well, you’ll just have to listen to find out.


Reviews: Darkness By Oath – Near Death Experience; The Foreshadowing – Oionos and Second WorldKorpiklaani – Manala

First Impressions: Asking Alexandria – “Run Free”; Enslaved – “Thoughts Like Hammers”; Monuments – “Degenerate”; Stone Sour – “Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero”

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