Before you listen to this podcast, go grab a beer.  We’ll wait… … …you back? Good.  As some of you may recall us mentioning in Episode 23 that we would eventually make a drinking game based off of a bunch of comments we received on Episode 22.  Well, the wait is now over because in this episode we reveal the rules of The Official SideShow Podcast Drinking Game*!  Not only that, but in a move that is in no way a bad idea, your three host play said game during this episode!  (But do not expect this to become a regular thing…) While this is happening, we provide our sometimes-very-diferent views on four new releases, during one of which, Nick provides what is possibly the best review the show has ever seen.  That doesn’t necessarily mean it is a positive review…it’s just done so well, Kyle and Brian are left almost speechless.  Almost…

Reviews: 7 Horns 7 EyesThroes of AbsolutionBereft – LeichenhausMares of Thrace – The Pilgrimage; Torche – Harmonicraft

*Official rules HERE