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Black Tar Rooves

Despite the holiday week here in the US, we made time to drum up some brutal albums for the show. There may not be any big names, but we promise you there some quality stuff here.


Carnal Decay – When Push Comes to Shove (Rising Nemesis, etc.)
Scathed – Halo of Flies
The Aftermath – Vermine (PRC)


Pablo Lavoe


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The One

Somehow Brian made it this far into the year without rating an album with a ‘1’.  If you’ve been listening, you know there have been plenty of albums he did not enjoy, but he found something redeeming enough to warrant a ‘2’.  Well – spoiler alert – that streak ends this week.  Which album gets the low score?  Listen and find out…


The Faceless – In Becoming a Ghost (Sumerian)
Glassjaw Material Control (Century Media)
MouthBreather – Pig EP

(Side)Showcase: Duality

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