Prophecy Productions

Off to a Groovy Start

As we work our way deeper into 2021, we transition with a hybrid episode of sorts.  We have two brand new albums for your earholes this week, but we also check out two more things we didn’t get to last year.  Per usual though, results are as mixed as the styles covered.

And remember – Be responsible. Stay healthy. Stay Metal.


Frozen Soul – Crypt of Ice (Century Media)
Harakiri for the Sky – Maere (AOP)
Black Royal – Firebride
Dool – Summerland (Prophecy Productions)

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Sh!t We Missed: Part Deux

As January continues to just drip releases, we bring you some more releases we missed in 2015.  Spoiler alert – much like last week, these are also all awesome! So I hope you have some of that money you got from grandma for Christmas, because you are probably going to want add a couple of these to your collection.


Arcturus Arcturian (Prophecy Productions)
Slugdge Dim & Slimeridden Kingdoms
Of Modern Architecture – Wilderness

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