As we try to keep giving you the most bang for your proverbial buck, we bring you FIVE new album reviews this week! Awesome, right?  Don’t say we never give you anything extra.  Speaking of added bonuses, Kyle is absent again this week.  Anyway, the albums this week cover a whole slew of different heavy stylings.  However, while the music may display diversity, there is a lack of difference in opinion from your hosts.  Not that that is a bad thing, as they do bring different perspectives and ultimately give some different ratings.  It’s just kinda interesting to hear, and makes you wonder how outlying Kyle’s would be if we were to ever hear them.


Reviews: Dysmorphic – A Notion of Causality (Unique Leader); Enshine – Origin (Rain Without End); Lunarsea – Hundred Light YEars (Punishment 18); ReVamp – Wild Card (Nuclear Blast); Wilson – Full Blast Fuckery (Easy Killer)
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