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Sweet Home

Yeah, this is later than usual, but we threw in an extra review to compensate. Well, we are going to pretend that was the plan all along because it sounds better.


EngelAbandon All Hope (Gain)
MicawberBeyond the Reach of the Flame (Prosthetic)
Rotten SoundSuffer to Abuse (Season of Mist)



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Listapaloozamania Start Now!

It’s a week before Christmas and all through the podcast we were stirring, bitching, and moaning about making lists.  I mean, we go through this every year, so you think we would just get over it. Anyway, as in years past, we have a few other short lists like Best Artwork (which you can see below), Most Disappointing, and Worst Albums. Enjoy these treats this week, and come back next week for the 2016 grand finale!


The holiday season is here, and you will be shopping on Amazon. Please consider changing your bookmark to our site and using the album art on the side to get there!  Amazon will give us a small percent back from your purchase and we use that to keep the show and site up and running.  Thanks!

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Not All Bands Age Like Fine Wines

That’s not a secret.  We have talked about plenty of bands who (we think) are past their prime.  There are some that lost there their way, but got back on course, and improving while they’re at it.  You have others who adapt to the times and, in some cases, go so far as two “sell out.”  Then you have others who don’t give a shit about your wine and are just pretty much going to keep going as they always have. (For those of you in the cheap seats – I just described each of the three bands we review this week.)  Oh!  And Mr. Mike Clancey (now troop leader of Horror Scouts) joins us for the live review!


Amon Amarth Jomsviking (Metal Blade)
Caliban – Gravity (Century Media)
Rotten Sound Abuse to Suffer (Season of Mist)

Live Review:
Norma JeanHe Is Legend, Forevermore, Rival Choir at The Palladium (upstairs) in Worcester, MA on March 31, 2016

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If we had some way to record behind the scenes clips, we’d have one hell of a foul-mouthed clip for you this week.  As we briefly discuss at the top o this episode, we had a lot of technical difficulties this week trying to get the show done.  Why? Well, we still haven’t quite figured that out…we just found a way around our usual methods.  Once we got the ball rolling though, we made a pretty strong show for you.  We have two new Hardcore(ish) albums, two new eps, and one new album whose presence on this show is questionable. Funny enough, the album that may-or-may-not belong here is the one rating we all agreed on.  Weird, right?  Anyway…Kyle also nears having a meltdown over the new Killswitch Engage single; Brian and Nick share their opinions as well.  To top off the show, we reveal the winner of our Holy Grail contests and give some exclusive news at the end of the show.


Reviews: California X – California X; Fall City Fall – VictusHatebreed – The Divinity of PurposeNewsted – Metal; Rotten Sound – Species at War 

Preview: Killswitch Engage – “In Due Time”

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