So what did y’all think of Episode #2? It’s refreshing to see a sequel that’s better than the original. And it’s only gonna get better from here. We’re in the final planning stages for our next two episodes as we speak so stay tuned to for more information about our upcoming shows. Also, if you haven’t done it already, check us out on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @SIDESHOWPodcast. We say a lot of funny/stupid/outlandish/awesome shit over there. Which reminds me…

Episode #2 featured an unusually insightful discussion from The SIDESHOWers about all the recent controversy over music streaming services and copyrights. After finally discovering the Interwebs last month, Randy Blythe and Mark Hunter took to Twitter with a vengeance, spouting off about…well, pretty much everything. Mostly though, they responded to this summer’s news about a bunch of heavy metal labels pulling out of Spotify, the latest controversial hotness sweeping the music industry.

Brian, Nick, and yours truly had a LOT to say about this and we barely even scratched the surface in Episode #2. It’s an ongoing topic we’ll continue to explore since it affects us directly both as podcasters and music fans. If you want to hear where the three of us stand on the debate, check out Episode #2. Before that though, educate yourself by checking out these links to get a better grasp on this sprawling debate:

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This week’s episode gets down and dirty with the new Maylene & The Sons of Disaster and Textures albums, skims the surface of the ever-growing Spotify debates, and hints at what will surely be the subject of a future show: Brian’s obsessive genre tagging.

REVIEWS: Maylene & the Sons of Disaster – IV; Textures – Dualism; Brutal Truth – End Time; Warbringer – Worlds Torn Asunder; Landmine Marathon – Gallows