Here it is, freaks! The beginning of list-mania! This is the episode where we present our auxiliary lists before next week’s grande finale of our top albums of 2013! This is also the last episode of the year to include full album reviews, of which there are two.

We’d love to hear what your picks are for the lists we did this week and for best albums of 2013. Tell us all about them in the comments!


Reviews: After the Burial  Wolves Within (Sumerian); Still Remains – Ceasing to Breathe (self-released)

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As promised, we have quite the musical line-up this week.  Ranging from furious Deathgrind to some gritty, Grunge-infused Stoner goodness to…Punk?  Yeah.  That happens!  And you’re gonna like it! We also have another addition to the (Side)Showcase and a First Impression!  Throw a song from everything covered, Brian rambling his way through a review or two, and a little little recap of the delicious eats from Thanksgiving, and you have yourself a solid Sideshow experience!


Reviews: Man Must Die Peace Was Never an Option (Lifeforce); Sandrider – Godhead (Good to Die); A Wilhelm Scream – Partycrasher (No Idea)

(Side)Showcase: Death Lab – Demo 2013

First Impression: Still Remains – “Close to the Grave” from Ceasing to Breathe out independently on December 17th

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Remember last week when Kyle raved about Russian Circles and was going to make us review it this week?  Well, that doesn’t happen.  Why? Well, mostly because Carmen Sandiego Kyle is missing again and your two hosts with perfect attendance didn’t think it made sense to discuss the album without out him. So, we just do our usual thing, reviewing new releases.  And what a smorgasbord of releases we have this week.  On one end of the heavy spectrum, we have new Sevendust…a band Nick and Brian have been watching/following since before high school, back in Nu-Metal’s heyday.  On the other end, we have Nails’ latest album, which, as you will hear, just kinda destroys everything it touches (so to speak) and probably shouldn’t even be mentioned to most Sevendust fans.  In the middle (quite literally, actually) we have a brand new Still Remains single that we are very excited to play for you.  So, it’s diverse, which we like…and if you don’t, there is always the chapter skips.  You’re welcome.


Reviews: Kvelertak – Meir (Roadrunner); Nails – Abandon All Life (Southern Lord); Reign Supreme – Sky Burial (Mediaskare); Sevendust – Black Out The Sun (7Bros)

Preview: Still Remains – “Checkmate”

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As we promised in our one year anniversary episode, here is a pretty comprehensive list of starter bands to consider trying out if you’re a little hesitant to dive right into the deep end.  The list covers logical progressions from certain other genres that would provide a good starting point, as well as some bands that we find enjoyable all around that have a more broad appeal.  Obviously there are TONS of other ways to get started, and (since most of you obviously enjoy the genre to begin with) feel free to leave comments to this post or in Episode 52 to provide some suggestions that we may have missed. Since we are so far into it, we probably aren’t even aware of many good “starter” bands, so feel free to fill those in.

It’s time to bust out the training wheels, and stretch your neck muscles: head banging hurts without a proper warmup!

General Bands/Albums To Check Out:
Still Remains – The Serpent
It Dies Today – Sirens
Bullet For My Valentine – Fever
Sevendust – Cold Day Memory
Deftones – Diamond Eyes
Textures – Dualism
In Flames – Soundtrack to your Escape

Kyle and Brian (and faithful listener Bob Sala before them) all addressed that the music you currently enjoy can have a huge impact on what metal you may ultimately gravitate toward as well as the music that you should start with when trying to get into a heavier frame of mind.  With that said:

If you listen to Radio Rock, try:
• Metallica – Metallica (aka The Black Album)
• All That Remains – Overcome
• Chevelle – This Type of Thinking
• Volbeat – Beyond Hell/Above Heaven
• Seether – Karma & Effect
• Shinedown – Leave A Whisper, or Sound of Madness

Classic Rock:
• Black Sabbath
• Iron Maiden
• Judas Priest
• Christian Mistress
• Witchcraft
• Dawnbringer

Top 40:
• Dead Letter Circus – This is the Warning
• Enter Shikari – A Flash Flood Of Color
• I See Stars
• We Came As Romans

Southern Rock:
• The Damned Things
• Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster

• Bring Me The Horizon
• After The Burial
• Safety Fire

This is what happens when the ROCK(jock) plays in Photoshop (I must be breaking multiple copyright laws…)

Metalheads get it. We know a single song, no matter how good, can’t justify an entire album, much less a band. And yet, that continues to be how mainstream music defines worth, maybe more than ever thanks to iTunes. While we here at The SIDESHOW in no way endorse this business or artistic model, it did get us to thinking: What are some of our favorite songs, regardless of albums and bands?

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