This week we finally start looking into 2013…but not without one more look at 2012.  As we did last year and as many of the blogs (and maybe even you) are doing now, we share some of our most anticipated albums of this year.  This not a comprehensive list of everything coming out, but just the few we are most interested in hearing, whether it be because we expect the album to be mind blowing or we are really reserved about it because their last one wasn’t so great.  Whilst doing this, each of your each of us picked a few albums from last year to revisit in Let Me Try That One Again, which yielded some surprising results.

Oh, but we’re not done yet! We also have our first Side Showcase of 2013.  Self-described Industrial Groove Metal band Thira submitted their latest EP, The Ascension Construct, so we featured the band, talked about their music, and give you a taste of it!  Stay tuned after the ‘cast is over to hear their song “Left to Kneel.”  And once you’ve heard it, click their EP on the sidebar to go download it FOR FREE. (Thira is also demoing some new material, which you can check out HERE.)


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This week’s installment is chock full of goodies for your listening pleasure!  For starters, we realized back when we announced the winner of the Jeff Loomis giveaway , we did not take that opportunity to share who our favorite modern metal guitarists were, despite having asked you listeners to do just that.  So, we decided that this week would be as good a time as any (better late than never, right?).  However…even bigger than that…we have our FIRST featured music submission!  After 31 episodes of requesting bands send us their music to play and/or review, South Australian band Goathanger graced us with their demo (which you can download for free by clicking HERE or on the album art on the right).  Rounding out the show, Nick shares some of his favorite singles (like Brian did last week), we go back and take a second look at a few albums, and, as always, we review some new music.

Reviews: Allegaeon – FormshifterGoathanger – Demo:litionGorod – A Perfect Absolution


If you want your band (or your friend’s band…or that band you just saw at the bar) featured on the show, send an email to Brian at