Come Together 

Amongst this week’s bands we have talented show offs, a “supergroup,” and a band that probably needs a mouthguard. Also, Nick fought through the elements, construction sites, and a car fire to get to Brian’s house to record this show.  Well, not specifically to do that, but it happened.


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Animals as Leaders The Madness of Many (Sumerian)
Serpentine Dominion Serpentine Dominion (Metal Blade)
Teethgrinder – Nihilism (Lifeforce)

First Impressions:
Disperse – “Stay” taken from Foreward out February 17, 2017 from Season of Mist

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Grinding Through Progression

As hinted at last week, we review the new BTBAM album this week, and we (accidentally) decided to pair it with another long-winded progressive album. In an attempt to balance that out, we picked two albums whose combined length is still not as long as either progressive album. They do, however, test our endurance…just in a very different way.


Between the Buried and Me Coma Ecliptic (Metal Blade)
Teethgrinder Misanthropy (Lifeforce)
Organ Dealer – Visceral Infection (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
Rest Among Ruins – Fugue (independent)

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