Stages of Evolution

The only constant is change.  We have seen bands change from almost unnoticeable amounts to seismic sonic shifts. As the catalogs for the three bands below grow, we take a look at how they have evolved..and whether or not we like the change.

And remember – Stay inside. Stay healthy.  Stay Metal.


August Burns Red – Guardians (Fearless)
Testament – Titans of Creation (Nuclear Blast)
Wake Devouring Ruin (Translation Loss)








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Back for More

Fun fact – all three of these bands have only been reviewed once before on this here show.  Weird right?  They (and we) have been going so long, you’d think it would have worked out differently.  They are here now, though, and I guess that is all that matters, right?


Dark Tranquillity Atoma (Century Media)
Testament The Brotherhood of the Snake (Nuclear Blast)
Ulcerate Shrines of Paralysis (Relapse)

First Impression:
Hollow Earth – “The Harbinger of Existence” taken from Dead Planet out December 12, 2016 from Good Fight Music

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Refreshed and reenergized, Nick and Brian return for another week Metal goodness. This time around, there are five new releases to analyze; some came out last week, some drop this week, but they all range from solid to fantastic…in our humble opinions, that is.  We also have yet a mother live review from Brian’s recent throwdown in NYC.  There’s a whole lot to get to, so you should probably stop reading this and start listening to the show.  Seriously…stop reading.  We’re done here.


Reviews: Cleanteeth – Pushing Rope (Dullest); Death Angel – The Dream Calls for Blood (Nuclear Blast); Protest the Hero – Volition (Razor & Tie); Thira – Vein I: Varying States of Decay (independent); Trivium – Vengeance Falls (Roadrunner)

Live Reviews: Lamb of GodKillswitch EngageTestamentHuntress @ Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY on  October 25, 2013

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Kyle is still missing, and, as usual, we have some more new music reviews. However none of that is important this week. This week, we have an exclusive interview with Chris “OJ” Ojeda, frontman and co-founder of the recently reformed BYZANTINE.  Making this even more special is that this is OJ’s first official interview since band’s reformation!  OJ discusses the band’s split, how they reunited, signing with Gravedancer Records, and he reveals the scheduled release date of their forthcoming, self-titled album.


Reviews: Dew-Scented – Icarus; King of Asgard – …To NorthNachtmystium – Silencing Machine

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After last week’s massive brawl, Kyle got fed up with how things were going and left Nick and Brian to handle the show on their own.  Actually, no, that isn’t really true; Kyle is not here this week, but that is because life got in the way, and he is apparently too busy and important to record.  So, your other two (arguably better) hosts take you through some new album reviews, a look back of some of the bigger headlines from the last week, and close out the show with a rundown of the many tours traversing the country in the next two months.  And, as fair warning, there are a lot of tours coming around, so start scrounging for change in the couch cushions and cut your drinking down (just a little).


Reviews: Gaza – No Absolutes in Human Suffering; Testament – Dark Roots of EarthVanisher – Unbound