the ongoing concept

It’s Coming Back Around Again

We have a little back of a throwback going on this week.  After staring in the mid-2000’s and dropping three albums, two of these bands have been absent for 6-7 years.  Another artist here got their start around the same time, but they never left, riding the waves of the changing scene and industry. Then we have The Ongoing Concept.


August Burns Red – Phantom Anthem (Fearless)
The Ongoing Concept – Places (Solid State)
Through the Eyes of the Dead – Disomus (eOne)
Threat Signal – Disconnect (Agonia)

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Three’s Company…or Three’s a Crowd…

This week’s show follows a very similar trend to last week’s: there’s some awesome 5 (chaos)star releases, there  is one utter disappointment, and the rest fall in between.  Kinda strange how that worked out. There is one major difference this week, but it is obvious enough that I don’t need to explain it to you here.


The Ongoing Concept Handmade (Solid State)
iwrestledabearonce Hail Mary (Artery)
Wilson – Right to Rise (Razor & Tie)
Witch of the Waste – Made of Teeth (independent)
Neck of the Woods – Neck of the Woods (independent)

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It’s Labor Day weekend here in the States, so most of you domestic listeners are either hungover from last night’s BBQ or going to get drunk at a BBQ today and/or tomorrow.  As such, I am not gonna spend a ton of time on this little write up.  Not that I don’t care about you international listeners (quite the opposite really), but maybe I have aBBQ to get ready for too!  Maybe…maybe not…  Anyway, here’s the important stuff: no Kyle (which will save some of your livers); four album reviews; two new tunes.


Reviews: Autopsy – The Headless Ritual (Peaceville); The Ongoing Concept – Saloon (Solid State); Witherscape – The Inheritance (Century Media); Vista Chino – Peace (Napalm)

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