As anybody who has listened to this show a few times knows, I HATE doing these damn lists.    You and I both know the main reason is because I am extremely indecisive.  However, I also detest them because no matter how long I make the list (Kyle gets angry when I do more than 10) I still feel like I am slighting albums that don’t deserve it.   Then out of the albums I do pick, I have to split hairs over which ones I like more than others only to come up with a list I am not even sure I 100% agree with!  In the end, I have to get something together and just say, “Screw it.  It’s close enough.”

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This is it, freaks.  The last show of the year!  And you know what that means, right?  Well, you should if you have been listening…it means The Sideshow Podcast reveals it’s Top 10 of 2012!!  And what a list it is.  We all agree this is a very respectable list, but what you discover throughout the episode is how very different our individual preferences in Metal are.  But that is what makes this show interesting, right?  RIGHT?!  Yeah, that’s what we thought.

Oh, and we also have one more honor, which we kick off the show with, and that is Best Debut Album.

Anyway, feel free to praise, discuss, argue, whatever the list here in the comments.  Also, be sure to keep an eye on the site because throughout the week, the hosts will be posting their personal Top 10 (or 25, as the case may be) lists.

Happy New Year everybody!  See ya in 2013!


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Happy New Year freaks!!  Before we start digging into the the (hopefully) wonderful goodies that 2012 will bring us (tune in next week for that), we present to you our Top 10 of 2011.  This list is the combination of your hosts’ personal lists, bringing you our collective must-buys from this past year.  So, you should just listen to this in the car on the way to your local record store, credit card in hand.  Or, for you CD haters, you  could just surf iTunes or Amazon or wherever while listening, and get your download on. Either way, do as we say and buy these albums!