For those of you who enjoyed Kyle’s presence last week, I hope you didn’t get too attached.  That pansie apparently can’t handle that much heavy music two weeks in a row. Luckily, Nick and Brian wear the pants in this awkward three-way relationship and are here for their ninety-sixth straight week.  And, this week, they switched up from the last month or so!  Instead of giving you a rundown of new singles in the First Impressions segment, they run down the tours (in the US) happening now through the fall…of which there are A LOT. So many, in fact, that they can’t even get to them all here! If you gotta catch them all, then you should follow us on Google + to get all the info.


Reviews: Chimaira – Crown of Phantoms (eOne); Mumakil*  – Flies Will Starve (Relapse); Old Gods – Stylized Violence (Forge Again); Razormaze – Annihilatia

*We apparently were butchering Mumakil’s name during the show.  Here is how to say it, plus a fun fact Brian forgot to share: Mumakil (pronounced “moom-a-keel”) is taken from the Lord of the Rings and is of the Speech of Men of the East, allies of Sauron. It’s a plural word for the oliphaunts: gigantic, multi-tusked elephant-like behemoths which struck fear into the hearts of those they faced.

**Since we’re doing asterisks this week, for those of you who are new to the podcast or may have forgotten, our intro and outro music are the sweet sounds of BY NIGHT, who have awesomely allowed us to use their music. Go check them out!

The SideShow Podcast – Episode 16: Special Limited Deluxe Tour Edition

This uber-limited run includes the regular show, plus bonus features:

– Full preview of announced 2012 tours

– Reviews of bands featured on tours

– Rumors about upcoming “festival” tours

– An argument (yes, another one) between Kyle and Brian

– And more extras you have to listen to unlock!


Kudos to Bob Grigal for the badass intro!  Thanks dude!