They can’t all be winners, folks. And this week, we have a perfect example of that.  That’s not to say that the music we are featuring this week is abysmal or will actually make your ears bleed, but it’s also not the finest aural assaults we have presented either.  But that’s not a bad thing!  Why? Because now you don’t have to sit through the entirety of any of these albums like we did.  Consider that out belated Valentine’s Day gift to you fine freaks.

Ok, yeah, we know that’s the same thing we do every week, but when we go a whole episode with Brian not giving anything above a three, you know there are some real gems in there we are saving you from.


Reviews: Caliban – Ghost Empire (Century Media); Drawers – Drawers (Kaotoxin); Fear of Domination – Distorted Delusions (Inverse); Mayan – Antagonise (Nuclear Blast)

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We have a special episode for you this week. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we decided to do a “Love Metal” episode and review the entire catalog of HIM.

No, of course we didn’t do that!  Geez…who do you think we are? Revolver?  Valentine’s Day is the most useless holiday*, so we took a different route.  We did the opposite and reviewed three Black Metal albums and one OSDM album  That’s “Old School Death Metal” for those uninitiated. While doing this, we also analyze why Nick once despised Black Metal by picking the sub-genre apart and looking at what he likes and dislikes.  We also have two new song previews!  Oh, and we hope you did’t get two used to Kyle because he followed through with his threat from last week and is absent for all of this.


Reviews: Acrimonious – Sunyata; Fen – DustwalkerNecrowretch – Putrid Death SorcerySaille – Ritu 

Preview: Portal – “Orbmorphia”; Sockweb – “Bullies are Mean”

*It’s useless because you and your significant other should be showing your love for each other all year, not just on one day by blowing a bunch of money on a special day because Hallmark and Kay told you to.

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We came up a little short with albums to review this week (not the same story next week), but had a hell of a lot to talk about!  We share our thoughts on Killswitch Engage rejoining with Jesse Leach, the impact Meshuggah has in 2012, and The Human Abstract having enough drama to start their own reality show (“Abstractly Human” is the  not-so-clever working title).  Also, since we found one that related to the recently-passed non-metal holiday, Valentines’s Day, we see the return of Freak of the Week! Aaaaaaand we reveal the winner of our very first contest!  Even if you didn’t enter you should listen for it because Kyle could not have botched up the announcement more if he tried.

Album Reviews: Chimp Spanner – All Roads Lead Here EPPsycroptic – The Inherited Repression

Single Reviews: The Human Abstract – “Moonlight Sonata“; Meshuggah – “Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion”


It’s nothing new that Valentine’s Day has got to be the least “metal” holiday (though, I guess Arbor Day isn’t much better).  But some of us head-bangers and moshers have managed to find somebody to love without paying by the hour or doing anything illegal (this includes your three hosts).  And for those lucky lovers, finding the right music to act as a soundtrack to this day of romance can be difficult when your iTunes is filled to the brim with music that is mostly about death, destruction and chaos.  That is where we come in. Read Full Article