Ain’t Nuthin’ but a G Thang

This episode is stuffed to the brim with content! We review FOUR albums, cover the letter ‘G’ for our ABCs, and have a live review!  So, I’ll save you some time by not filling this space with letter-based jokes and let you get right to listening.


Periphery Periphery IV: Hail Stan (3 Dot)
Allegaeon Apoptosis (Metal Blade)
WormwitchHeaven that Dwells Within (Prosthetic)
PolarNova (Nuclear Blast)

Live Review:
Chaos and Carnage Tour 2019 featuring Whitechapel, Dying Fetus, Revocation, Spite, Fallujah, Uncured, and Buried Above Ground at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ on April 18, 2019

G is for




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Listapaloozamania Start Now!

It’s a week before Christmas and all through the podcast we were stirring, bitching, and moaning about making lists.  I mean, we go through this every year, so you think we would just get over it. Anyway, as in years past, we have a few other short lists like Best Artwork (which you can see below), Most Disappointing, and Worst Albums. Enjoy these treats this week, and come back next week for the 2016 grand finale!


The holiday season is here, and you will be shopping on Amazon. Please consider changing your bookmark to our site and using the album art on the side to get there!  Amazon will give us a small percent back from your purchase and we use that to keep the show and site up and running.  Thanks!

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Evolving Backwards

Sometimes a band can evolve by taking influences of what came before and more strongly embracing those influences.  A band can even just use an “old” sound and modernize it ever so slightly.  But sometimes, a band looks back to an era of music they really shouldn’t and progression becomes more like regression. In this episode, all the bands reach back into different area’s of Metal’s past…for better or worse…


Whitechapel Mark of the Blade (Metal Blade)
Spellcaster Night Hides the World (Prosthetic)
Earth Ship – Hollowed (Napalm)

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Happy Mother’s Day! While we can’t say this episode is a tribute to mothers in any way, not all of us Metal-heads are hellspawn, so we would like to take this opportunity to wish our mothers and yours a wonderful day, and to thank them for all they have done and continue to do for us.

Now that we have that out of the way, we have four pretty sweet new albums for you this week, and music to go with all of them. Also, since we gave you a doozy of an episode last week, we kept this one a little more compact…but no less awesome (if we do say o ourselves).


Reviews: Anti-Mortem – New Southern (Nuclear Blast); Archspire – The Lucid Collective (Season of Mist); Hour of Penance – Regicide (Prosthetic); Whitechapel – Our Endless War (Metal Blade)

…can you finish the movie quote we jacked as an episode title?

There is some relevance to that, too. This week, we actually go over some of the happenings in the metal world, which you may or may not already know about.  That would depend on if you follow us on Google+ (there’s a link tot he right). In doing this, we also bring a first impression, which we have not done in some time.  This is all, of course, done amongst providing our opinions on four brandy new releases!


Reviews: Black Map Driver EP (independent); BodyfarmThe Coming Scourge (Metal Blade/Cyclone Empire); MantarDeath by Burning (Svart); Soreption Engineering the Void (Unique Leader)

First Impression: Whitechapel – “The Saw is Law” from Our Endless War out April 29th via Metal Blade

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