1. Re: Byzantine, they are playing in New Jersey on a Sunday night but they are also playing in Brooklyn the night before which would be a Saturday night, which is a better night for me to attend a show. I have been to Dingbatz in New Jersey. It’s nothing to write home about. You walk in and there’s a bar in the middle and a small stage in the back. But that describes hundreds of venues.

    Cool that you reviewed Dvne. I’ve been checking out their album and have been enjoying a couple of songs but have been on the fence about buying it. I’ll add to the discussion about the vocals as they somehow don’t blend as well as they should with the instruments, but I can’t put my finger on why.

    17 other thrash bands that you like? Power Trip? Havok? Toxic Holocaust? Warbringer? That’s a tall order, because I actually don’t have time. I’ve been working 70 hours a week including weekends the past month and I’m fried! Fortunately I can listen to this podcast while I work.

    1. Dude, that is too much working! No shit you’re fried! I hope things calm down for you soon dude.

      Yeah that was an inopportune time for a brain fart. Havok was the one I was really trying to come up with, who we saw once with Skeletonwitch. Toxic Holocaust did come to mind, but I didn’t think was a great comparison to Cryptosis. Warbringer definitely works. And Dust Bolt!

      Anyway, I think Saturday would be better for nick too, but Dingbats is convenient for me. We’ll have to see when it gets closer to August. I’m fully vaccinated now, so I am going to one of those two shows for sure.

      I am currently listening to the album ‘Impermanence’ by the band Stortregn. I think you’d really like it. Lightly blackened, mildly progressive techdeath. It’s only my first time listening but I’ll probably be going back to this.

      – Brian

      1. I have a deadline at work for next week, so after that things should calm down (they’d better). Cool that you got your second shot already. You must have connections😉 I get my second shot in 2 weeks. It has an efficacy of 95% (“Efficacy” happens to be one of my favorite songs by Byzantine). I’m itching to go to restaurants and hit the gym for the first time in 13 months. Then concerts and baseball games will come after that. And visiting parents will become a possibility, as they live out of state. As for Stortregn, thanks for the recommendation. Their recent album is yet another one that I’ve checked out (streamed) but haven’t gotten around to buying yet (that list is getting longer and longer). I feel that pretty much every Artisan Era band is worth me checking out, and Stortregn seems well suited for the roster that Artisan Era has assembled.

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