Episode 458: Iotunn, Hooded Menace, Vola 2021 Album Reviews


As we announce at the top of this annual Shit We Missed episode, this will be the last show for a while.  As life continues to get in the way, we have made the very difficult decision to go on an “indefinite hiatus” (a term we admittedly dislike).  Neither of us want this to end, so we are just putting the podcast “on hold” for the time being; if we decide to end this for good, we will at least come back and give a proper farewell.  So don’t remove us from your podcast or social media feeds yet! 

This is not “good bye” but “see you later.”  So, uh, we’ll see ya later! 


Iotunn Access All Worlds (Metal Blade)
Hooded Menace The Tritonus Bell (Season of Mist)
Vola Witness (Mascot)

One comment

  1. Certainly lots of topics to address. First and foremost, I hope you guys are doing ok in this wake of covid. Almost everybody that I work with got covid over the holidays, even though we all work from home. My own experience is that I couldn’t go three years without seeing family, so at some point the reward outweighed the risk.

    As for the albums you reviewed, certainly all good choices. Even though I didn’t buy Iotunn or Hooded Menace, I checked them out a little and they both intrigued me. But as is quite common these days, the supply of good music exceeds the time I have to listen to it all.

    And well, certainly a bit of disappointment to hear about the hiatus, but certainly understandable given the circumstances. I was planning on inviting myself to join the podcast to review the new Allegaeon album being released in about 6 weeks, so if a podcast ever happens around then, let me know.

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