Episode 447: Wormwitch, Burial In The Sky, Tombstoner 2021 Album Reviews

Late for the Kill…

Yeah, this is coming out really late. We know. Once again, life got in the way.  Actually, it’s still in the way, but we’re working around it. On the plus side, you won’t have long to wait until the next episode!

Also, concerts are trying to come back, but things aren’t “normal” yet.  Do you want to help support the touring and venue crews who are first getting back to work? Go to THIS PAGE to find out how you can help this podcast contribute to Crew Nation and make us review whatever you want.

Be responsible. Stay healthy. Stay Metal.


Wormwitch Wolf Hex (Prosthetic)
Burial in the Sky The Consumed Self (Rising Nemesis)
Tombstoner  Victims of Vile Torture (Redefining Darkness)


Wormwitch – Wolf Hex

Burial In The Sky – The Consumed Self

Tombstoner – Victims Of Vile Torture



  1. Regarding the use of a saxophone in metal, my theory is that it boils down to nothing more than a trend. Someone has success doing something, then there becomes a following of that thing. Periphery had success using 7 or 8 string guitars making that djent-y sound, then other bands follow suit. Rivers of Nihil has some recent success when they introduced a saxophone, so now the copycats have commenced. Neither of those aforementioned bands invented the thing they popularized, but those bands started the trend.

    As for Burial in the Sky, one thing I do like me in my death metal is some contrast. Burial in the Sky at least provides that. I will grant you that the production does seem a bit weird without me being able to fully put my finger on it beyond what you already noted. But it’s that THAT bad to warrant a rating of a 1. You are at least proving the adage that there’s no such thing as bad publicity because you giving it a 1 has made me listen to it more than the cursory listen I previously gave this album.

    1. I think there was more than the production that made Nick give it a one. Lol. But, good point about publicity

      And I guess you’re right about sax being a “trend”. Like DJs in bands popularized in nu-metal. I guess the difference is I liked djent a bit even if you got some samey bands. I’m the sax, for me, is more miss than hit.

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