Episode 448: MOuthbreather, Vaelmyst, Fleshbore 2021 Album Reviews

It Can’t Rain All the Time…

…but it has been raining a lot as hurricane season is underway in the US.  Your hosts recently got to hang out again (I know, right?!) and ended up in multiple adventures involving rain. This has nothing to do with reviews but it did affect our attempt to see Byzantine live in Brooklyn.

Speaking of live music… Do you want to help support the touring and venue crews who are first getting back to work? Go to THIS PAGE to find out how you can help this podcast contribute to Crew Nation and make us review whatever you want.

Be responsible. Stay healthy. Stay Metal.


Mouthbreather I’m Sorry Mr. Salesman (Good Fight)
Vaelmyst – Secrypts Of The Egochasm
Fleshbore Embers Gathering (Innerstrength)

Mouthbreather – I’m Sorry Mr. Salesman

Vaelmyst – Secrypts Of The Egochasm

Fleshbore – Embers Gathering

One comment

  1. If I didn’t say this at the time, Arrogant Swine isn’t really a music venue. It is a restaurant that struggled through covid (as they all did) and in 2021 has tried to pivot into a music venue to do anything it can to survive. The people working there might not care as much because they probably know the place is on the verge of going out of business. Hence the lack of service, the lack of menus, the lack of credit card processing, the lack of any food other than brisket, and the lack of beer. But hey, on the bright side, it was good to see you guys in person for the first time since the world turned upside down.

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