Episode 454: Mastodon, Whitechapel, Spiritworld, Eternity’s End 2021 Album Reviews

Gobble Gobble Motherf%&ker!

Here in the US it, it is almost Thanksgiving, and though, generally speaking, the world may continue to be a dumpster fire, there is still a lot to be thankful for.  Should we be giving thanks for any of the albums in this episode?  Get listening to know what we think, and then share your thoughts in the comments!

Also, as much as we hate to admit it, Christmas is coming.  You will probably be doing some shopping on Amazon.  So, do us a solid and go to Amazon by clicking any album art on our website so we can get the help to keep all this up and running.  And whatever we have left, we will give to Crew Nation!


Mastodon Hushed and Grim (Reprise)
Whitechapel Kin (Metal Blade)
Spiritworld Pagan Rhythms (Century Media)
Eternity’s End Embers of War (Prosthetic)

Mastodon – Hushed And Grim

Whitechapel – Kin

SpiritWorld – Pagan Rhythms

Eternity’s End – Embers of War

One comment

  1. For Decibel’s list, there is TONS I could comment about it, but the one thing I want point out is that Archspire being ranked number 30 is a huge compliment to Archspire. Why? Because Decibel hates all tech death that isn’t by Gorguts or by bands that sound exactly like Gorguts (such as Artificial Brain).

    Speaking of tech death, how have I never heard of Eternity’s End before?!? Tech death guys playing power metal? How many people love tech death AND power metal? It’s like they formed the band just for me!

    For the new Mastodon album, I have mixed feelings. As you may know, Mastodon is one of my favorite bands and for me they are one of those bands that has never put out a bad album. However, 86 minutes of Mastodon music just isn’t what I want to listen to right now. I have listened to the album maybe two times so far, but that is not nearly enough time to judge it. It’s not that I think the album is too long, as I love me a good double album. Lots of my favorite albums of all time are double albums, from Pink Floyd to Smashing Pumpkins to Guns n Roses to The Beatles. But one of the main reasons I can’t get behind this Mastodon album is that there are SOOO many good albums being released RIGHT NOW. So check back with me in a few months about how I feel about Hushed and Grim.

    Speaking of all those albums being released right now, it’s no exaggeration that you could pick 10 recent albums to review next week. I’m certainly guessing you’ll be reviewing Obscura and Khemmis, but then after that it could be anything.

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