Episode 187: Tribulation, Abiotic, Native Construct, Paradise Lost, Noisem, Eeden 2015 Reviews

All The Segments!

We may have one less album review this week than we normally do, but we have tons of content to make up for it!  Live review!  Showcase! First Impressions!  And if that wasn’t enough to entice you, your hosts actually have differing opinions on two of the albums!  I know…your mind is blown, right?  It’s crazy in here. Come join us.


Tribulation The Children of the Night (Century Media)
Abiotic – Cauistry (Metal Blade)
Native Construct – Quiet World (Metal Blade)

(Side)Showcase: Eeden

First Impressions:
Paradise Lost – “No Hope in Sight” taken from The Plague Within out June 2, 2015 from Century Media
Noisem – “1132” taken from Blossoming Decay out early June 2015 from A389 Recordings

Live Review: The Decibel Magazine Tour 2015 featuring At The GatesConvergePallbearer, and Vallenfyre at Webster Hall in New York, NY on April 12, 2015

Tribulation – The Children Of The Night

Abiotic – Casuistry

Native Construct – Quiet World


Eeden – The Outcomes


  1. I’ve been listening to Casuistry by Abiotic this week. I probably fall in between you guys. I definitely enjoyed the album more than Brian, but I’m not sure if I like it as much as Nick. I think my only criticism of Casuistry is that it didn’t quite keep my attention for the entire length of the album. By the time the last three songs come on, I don’t think they add anything further to the album. I realize it’s not a long album and by no means does it drag, but I think I was looking for something to keep my attention by the end.

    I did check out that Native Construct album. It was a bit too crazy even for me. My feelings are the same as Nick’s initial assessment. I heard one song and thought it was cool and wanted to hear more. But then when I heard more I realized that I didn’t need to hear more. Based on Nick’s review, it sounds like I should give it more of a chance and let it sink in for about a week.

    1. Yeah, Native Construct takes work. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the podcast I probably would have gotten lost and given up on it. Thankfully, being the invested host I am, I stuck it out and it grew on me. If you have the time and there aren’t a lot of other albums catching your attention, try circling back to it.

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