Episode 417: Alestorm, Caligula’s Horse, Astralborne 2020 Album Reviews + Southern Lord Showcase

There Be Quibbles Ahead

We have a solid set of releases for you this episode!  They aren’t perfect – which is obviously what we discuss here – but they are all worth a listen.  Well, they are worth your time if you are into the respective styles of Metal.

And remember – Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay Metal.


Alestorm – Curse of the Crystal Coconut (Napalm)
Caligula’s Horse – Rise Radiant (Inside Out)
Astralborne Eternity’s End (Prosthetic)








Alestorm – Curse of the Crystal Coconut

Caligula’s Horse – Rise Radiant

Astralborne – Eternity’s End


Southern Lord


  1. I have to admit that I’m enjoying Alestorm’s “The Curse of the Crystal Coconut” way more than I have a right to with all that’s going on in the world right now. My home city is falling apart before my eyes but I’m hunkered down with the “Pirate Metal Drinking Crew” on a “Treasure Chest Party Quest”. I’ve listened to Alestorm before, but only random songs here and there such as “I’m Hungover” and that song about an anchor. They are the type of songs that I get a chuckle out of when I’m listening to it, but then I don’t feel the need to listen to again. I’ve never bought one of their albums and listened to it front to back. But “The Curse of the Crystal Coconut” has changed that. I’ve listened to the entire album about 5 times now and still feel like listening to it more. How the main guy manages to crank this stuff out along with his work in Gloryhammer and keep it all so consistently good without this shtick having gotten old 10 years ago is a wonder to behold.

    If the worst thing you can criticize this Alestorm album for is the fact that zombies don’t eat wood then the album must be pretty good. And the song Tortuga is fun. The truth is there’s hardly any rapping in that song: there’slike 20 seconds of it in the middle by a guest rapper named Captain Yarrface. He’s a pirate from the band Rumahoy. Yaaaaarr. Get it?

    I also have been listening to Rise Radiant by Caligula’s Horse. There are a few songs on it that I enjoy, but overall I’m slightly disappointed by it. Those “gap” songs that you mentioned kind of spoil it for me, even if the good songs are pretty good. I realize the comparisons with the other Australian prog bands are valid, but to me Caligula’s Horse sounds very similar to Leprous.

    Sorry, how did you pronounce Xibalba? It’s she-balb-uh. I saw them live when they opened for their label-mates Nails.

    1. Brian: The zombie lore wasn’t the only thing I knocked them on, aside from Tortuga (even if you can’t/won’t call it a rap song, it’s still terrible).  I just thought some of the lyrics were a little stupid, even for them. But like I said, it’s catchy as hell, so even those songs I’d rather not get in my head find their way there.

      Are you an English major now? What, do yo expect us to look up words before we try to say them? LOL.  I know I messed it, especially the second time I said it. I listened to the whole album, and it was solid, but not sure it’s something I needed to buy. I can see how it’d be pretty great live though.

      1. You’re either being ironic or you are digging yourself further into a hole by saying that you need to be an English major to know how to pronounce Xibabla.

        Xibalba: the band whose albums are named “Años en infierno”, “Tierra y libertad”, and “Hasta la muerte”. I’ll assume you are being ironic just like Captain Yarrface is being ironic with his rapping on Tortuga.

        Tortuga is also the name of Danny Trejo’s character on Breaking Bad.

      2. Yes, I was being ironic. I was hoping the “LOL” would call that out. I was also joking how you love to correct our (mostly my) mispronunciations…which is fine! Somebody should do it!

        I remember Tortuga being Trejo’s character! And if recall, he had a pretty gruesome death.

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