Episode 416: Paradise Lost, Antichrist Demoncore, Aether Realm 2020 Album Reviews + Southern Lord Showcase


We have starkly diverse line-up of reviews this episode. I mean, we usually have a mix of styles, but there were some sharp transitions when we were listening this week.  We also start our next Black Label feature, and talk about quarantine life.

Feel free to discuss anything and everything with us in our comments section or on social media!

And remember – Be safe. Stay inside. Stay Metal.


Paradise Lost – Obsidian (Nuclear Blast)
Antichrist Demoncore (ACxDC) – Satan is King (Prosthetic)
Aether Realm Redneck Vikings from Hell (Napalm)








Paradise Lost – Obsidian

ACxDC – Satan is King

Aether Realm – Redneck Vikings from Hell


Southern Lord


  1. I have to say that I am a fan of Antichrist Demoncore, aka ACxDC. I will admit that they are the third best powerviolence band, behind the other bands you mentioned which are Nails and Weekend Nachos. And this album, Satan Is King, confirms ACxDC’s place by creating a solid, if not groundbreaking, powerviolence album.

    I will admit that I am intrigued by Aether Realm and have checked them out a few times but have never pulled the trigger to buy one of their albums.

    Southern Lord represents an interesting label for me, because over the past couple of years I’ve gotten into more of the type of stuff that they put out. Pelican is probably the band that released the most stuff on Southern Lord that I’ve been enjoying more of over the years. And I’ve been seeking out some of the most highly regarded stoner/doom albums of all time, of which my favorites have released stuff on Southern Lord: those being Sleep and Electric Wizard. I’ve really come to think of Dopethrone by Electric Wizard as being an awesome album. The riffs on that album are incredible.

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