Episode 445: At the Gates, Born of Osiris, Light the Torch 2021 Album Reviews

How about maybe we don’t?  

With some big names in this week’s episode, you’d think – or at least hope – there’s some good music to be found.  Well, you’d be wrong.  At least according to us, you’d be wrong.  Maybe you don’t agree with us, and that’s great!  Tell us why in the comments!  If you do agree, then share your support for our opinions as well.

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And remember – Be responsible. Stay healthy. Stay Metal.


At the Gates Nightmare of Being (Century Media)
Born of Osiris Angel or Alien (Sumerian)
Light the Torch You Will Be the Death of Me (Nuclear Blast)

At The Gates – Nightmare Of Being

Born Of Osiris – Angel Or Alien

Light The Torch – You Will Be The Death Of Me




  1. The few things I’ve heard off the new At The Gates album have not been good. Combine that with mostly poor reviews of the album have convinced me to give it a skip. It’s clear that the band was irreparably harmed when their main songwriter Anders Bjorler left the band in 2017. And no need to worry, Brian. I knew what you meant about “experimentation”.

    For me, Born of Osiris are a band that seemed to have promise back about 8 to 10 years ago with their albums “The Discovery” and “Tomorrow We Die Alive”, but ever since then the band has been a disappointment.

    I hadn’t even known (or remembered) that Devil You Know changed their name to Light The Torch.

    I’m similar to you guys lately in that a lot of the “bigger” releases lately have been disappointing. So it’s led me to dig a little deeper and try out all sorts of bands that I’ve never heard of before. This week’s “find” is the band Ophidian I with their recently released album “Desolate” on Season of Mist. It’s crazy fast and technical, which is right in my wheelhouse. It was featured on Banger TV’s “Metal Monthly” YouTube spot for July.

    No mention of the new website design? Looks good!

    1. Glad you liked the design. It was kind of a quick choice fix the issues we were having with the other design. We will probably keep it and add a couple of branding images.

      Funny you mention Ophidian I. We’re gonna review it on the next show and I was literally about to message you on IG about it. LOL. It grabbed me instantly!

      Ya know, i never thought them that way, but you are spot on about Born of Osiris. Those were the two albums to grow off of and they just didn’t. If anything, they regressed…not that they had far to go…and have been cruising along. The “kids” still seem into it though.

      – Brian

      1. That’s funny that you were going to tell me about Ophidian I. You’ve come to recognize that it’s clearly a “Bob” kind of album. I look forward to the review of it on the next episode.

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