Episode 10: elyK sI cixelsiD

On this, our TENTH episode (“A 10… a 10… a fucking 10!”), Kyle rejoins the show, coming back to a not-so-nice comment from a listener.  We discuss the new Lamb of God single, and continue our end-of-the-year honors with Most Improved, Most Overlooked, and Best Live Act.  Oh, and we review some sweet new releases.

REVIEWS: Savage Messiah – Plague of Conscience; Fallujah – The Harvest Wombs



  1. ok, something happened here. I found the show already over and me not itching to turn off cock-jocks voice. You still showed up unprepared on the topics, but overall –
    could be my vote for most improved in 2011?

    Really the only thing I wanted to smack you for this week was calling a billboard charting band on mainstream corporate radio “most overlooked.” Surprising? sure; surprised me too- but over looked? not even close. They easily received more press than any other band you’ve reviewed this year. Surprising to cock-jock does not equal over looked in the market.

    but hey- since you have a hate mail episode coming up let me quantify that “most improved” comment before it goes to your head- Its not like you went from being Lou Reed – metallica to leviathan era Mastadon; its not that big of an improvement, but more the shitty local grind core band that plays every other thursday in some unknown dive in brooklyn, that just happened to get a better bass player; its an improvement – but theres still some headroom.

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