Episode 68: The Nick, the Brian, and a Bunch of New Albums

Just so you guys didn’t get too used to having all three hosts around, Kyle decided to the flu this week, the first show where we review new albums for 2013.  Good timing, right? (Just playing…we hope he is better soon.) So, Nick and Brian forged ahead, covering some Melodic Death, some Blackened Doom Sludge (or something like that) and some really depressing Rock.  Breaking up the show, the perfect-attendance-hosts run down some up coming tours and festivals, and get into a discussion about how music should be released.


Reviews: Æther Realm* – One Chosen by the Gods; Antimatter – Fear of a Unique IdentityMors Principium Est – …and Death Said LiveZatokrev – The Bat, the Wheel and a Long Road to Nowhere

*So, apparently “aether” is an alternate spelling of “ether.”  We looked up how to pronounce “Æ” instead of seeing of there was a practical way to say the whole word, which is why we said it wrong the whole time…







Aether Realm – One Chosen By The Gods

Antimatter – Fear Of A Unique Identity

Mors Principium Est – …And Death Said Live

Zatokrev – The Bat, The Wheel And A Long Road To Nowhere


  1. Regarding Download Festival, I’ve sort of given up even looking at the lineup each year because there is really zero chance I’ll be able to go to it.

    As for other upcoming shows, there seems to be quite a lot of good stuff around here in the Northeast in the next few months, kicked off by Decibel’s 100th issue show last night. I didn’t go, as there are only so many shows I can go to. There are enough good shows playing in NYC where I don’t need to rent a car to get to that unless something is really special, I’ll stick with local shows. Opeth is playing both at New England Metal & Hardcore Fest and in Williamsburg in April. I’ll just hop on the L train instead of braving the Cross Bronx Expressway. Even when renting a car is a consideration, I really only venture out as far as New Jersey, Long Island, or Connecticut: places where I can either drive back that night or stay with friends.

    What other tours are coming this way? Quicksand wraps up their reunion tour at the end of January. I already have my tickets for that one and for Gojira/Devin Townsend at Irving Plaza. Other shows include Testament & Overkill in town together. Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, Dying Fetus, and The Contortionist will be in Long Island. There is also Meshuggah with Animals As Leaders. Then there is a day in February where two decent shows are playing on the same day in NYC: the Faceless, Decapitated, the Agonist (and Cradle of Filth, who I don’t care about) are together on the same day but a different venue as Enslaved, Pallbearer, and Royal Thunder. I wouldn’t know which one of those two shows to pick so I might just end up not going to either of them (if that makes any sense). All that just covers February!

    In March we have the continuation of the Deftones tour. Then also in March, you dubbed it the “Kyle needs a new pair of pants” tour (your words, not mine) of Coheed & Cambria and Between The Buried and Me. My question on that one is: where is the pit going to be in Radio City Music hall?

    1. Well, looks like Nick and I will be seeing you at Gojira!

      Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, and Dying Fetus show…is that the same show? I might have dismissed it because it wasn’t coming to the city, but reading this again, I may have to venture back out to LI. I have seen Hatebreed a ton of time, and I even saw them with Fetus once, but that sound too good.

      I have Enslaved on my calendar, but I forgot about Decapitated and Faceless coming through with Cradle…I’ll have to look that up. Same with Meshuggah! I can’t believe I almost for got about that! It’s a good thing you write these comments. Lol.

      1. Cool. I’ll see you guys at Irving Plaza for Gojira/Devin Townsend. As for Hatebreed, they are on yet another tour where they aren’t coming in to the city. I’m glad I caught them with Lamb of God last year when they did. Hatebreed/Dying Fetus/Shadows Fall/Contortionist are playing on the same bill on Feb 17 at some place on the island called Revolution Bar which apparently used to be called Ollie’s Point (I’ve never been there).

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