Episode 69: 102 Dalmatians

Thought we would have some sexual joke for a show title, didn’t you?  We definitely thought about it, but once you listen to this episode, the title will make sense.  Ok, it will make as much sense as it is going to make.  Anyhoooo…Kyle rejoins the group this week and we deliver four more new album reviews AND bring a you a giveaway contest!!  There will be a separate post about it too, but we are giving away both Holy Grail’s LPs, Crisis in Utopia and their newest (which we review in this episode) Ride the Void. Listen to the show for details. There are a couple of surprises in the other reviews too (hint: you’ll have to drink a lot). On top of that, Kyle catches himself and you slackers up on some of the latest news.  What’s that?  You don’t want to be a slacker or like Kyle?  Can’t blame ya.  Well, then get your ass over to Google +, where Brian shares all the news!


Reviews: Clamfight – I Versus the Glacier; Corpus Mortale – FleshcraftHoly Grail – Ride the VoidMutiny Within – Synchronicity 

Mutiny Within – Synchronicity

Holy Grail – Ride The Void

Clamfight – I Versus The Glacier

Corpus Mortale – Fleshcraft


  1. I’ve been meaning to add to the concert etiquette for some time now but every time I come up with something while I’m at a show, I forget what it is in the next day. Not so this time. And since the etiquette page doesn’t seem to have a place for comments, I’m putting it here. First of all, I have to say that when you go to shows that attract an older audience (such as last night’s Quicksand show), the etiquette is generally followed. But I have another one to add: don’t spill your beer in the pit. I don’t want to have to worry about slipping and falling while jumping up and down (and getting pushed around) in the pit. It seems like last night the only people that went down in the pit slipped on the beer that got spilled. I realize that the beer was not spilled on purpose, so the rule should be amended to ensure that accidents don’t occur. The rule should be: don’t bring beer into the center of the floor. If you are standing in the center with a beer, finish it before the main act hits the stage. Otherwise I can guarantee that your beer will be spilled.

  2. Sideshow Bob, I love it! Why didn’t I think of that?

    Regarding Dave Draiman producing a new Trivium album, my thoughts are that I really don’t care who produces an album. I do realize that a producer can have an effect, and that some producers do bring their own sound to an album, but I believe those producers are few and far between. Did Bob Rock and Rick Rubin change Metallica’s direction? Or did that change come from the band themselves? Most people would attribute it to the band themselves. If I like Master of Puppets I am not going to run out and buy another album produced by Flemming Rasmussen, but I would buy another Metallica album. I can say that I’ve never made a decision to buy or not to buy an album based on its producer, no matter what that producer has or hasn’t done or said in the past. If Dave Mustaine produced the next Machine Head album, I’m still buying the album.

    And Nick is right: “Boat Rudder” is the best misheard lyrics video ever. For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, check it out at http://youtu.be/GNLDLyeepVs. The first time I saw this video I had to question whether the makers of the video changed the audio of the song at all, that’s how effective the power of suggestion can be.

      1. I hadn’t seen that other Trivium video. That’s another good one.

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