Episode 189: Korpiklaani, Coliseum, The Crinn, The Raven Autarchy, No Way 2015 Album Reviews

Upstarts and Old Farts

Ok, “old farts” isn’t really fair, but it sounds good in the title.  The point is half the reviews this week come from more established acts, while the other half (and our showcase) are still wet behind the ears.  Who does it better?  Well, that’s what you’re here to find out, right?  So get listening and let us know what you think!


Korpiklaani Noita (Nuclear Blast)
Coliseum – Anxiety’s Kiss (Deathwish)
The Crinn Shadowbreather (independent)
The Raven Autarchy – The Obscene Deliverance (independent)

(Side)Showcase: No Way

First Impressions:
Dead Letter Circus – “While You Wait” taken from their forthcoming album due late winter from UNFD 

Korpiklaani – Noita

Coliseum – Anxiety’s Kiss

The Crinn – Shadowbreather

The Raven Autarchy – The Obscene Deliverance


No Way – Sing Praises

One comment

  1. -Korpiklaani. It seems like even those of us who listen to this type of folk metal can only handle a small number of bands in this genre. I have never really been a Korpiklaani fan, as I prefer Ensiferum. Ensiferum are a little more metal and slightly less “folky”. But they fill that void of fun, not too serious folk metal that I don’t need a whole bunch of. I can certainly see the appeal of Korpiklaani, especially since they are one of the pioneers of this genre and you encountered them as one of the first examples of folk metal.

    -Nick mentioned you weren’t sure what you’d be reviewing next week so I’ll bring it up already: will you be reviewing Faith No More? I’m assuming Faith No More’s new album might be more of a “Nick pick” as he put it, but no matter if it’s a Nick pick or whether it’s even metal or not, I’d be curious to hear your opinions of it.

    -I had pretty much concluded that Google plus was dead, but at least you’ve confirmed it. It had a nice run. Now where are Nick and I going to get our metal news from?

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