The Shot Heard ‘Round Twitter

*BREAKING NEWS* Apparently, Randy Blythe listens to The SIDESHOW Podcast!

The ROCK(jock) declared war on the Lamb of God frontman on last Sunday’s Episode #4 (Hear for yourself!) after Crazy Uncle Randy spent all of September spamming Twitter with his #InsaneProclamations, which included denying the Internet’s obvious hand in Lamb of God’s success and inexplicably attacking The PRP (we support our fellow metal bloggers) for doing its job.

I had LOTS of ammunition, from Mr. Twitter himself complaining about spending too much time on the Interwebs to Randy lamenting the lack of innovation in metal right now and how that doesn’t quite seem to jive with the quality of the last two Lamb of God records–not to mention the fact that bands must try harder than ever to differentiate themselves and create new niches in an already oversaturated marketplace.

Before I could dig out from Snowpocalypse 2011 and fire off my first shot on Twitter, look at what magically appeared in my inbox.

The ROCK(jock) challenges Crazy Uncle Randy to go Twit-for-tat on Episode #4 and less than 24 hours after posting, Lamb of God teases new material that sounds more innovative than anything they’ve phoned in over the last half decade. Coincidence? I think not.

ROCK(jock) 1. World 0.


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