Episode 238: Filter, Mantar, Primitive Weapons 2016 Album Reviews + Royal Thunder, The Sword, Wild Throne, Torche, Kvelertak Live Reviews

Out of Shape Shirtless Guppy

We are now back to our regularly scheduled programming.  So, that means you stuck with just Nick and Brian, but you get three new album reviews and a whole slew of live reviews since Nick was busy this last week.


Filter Crazy Eyes (Wind Up)
Mantar – Ode to the Flame (Nuclear Blast)
Primitive Weapons – The Future of Death (Party Smasher Inc.)

Live Reviews:
The Sword, Royal Thunder at Pearl Street Night Club in Northampton, MA on April 15, 2016
KvelertakTorcheWild Throne at Middle East (downstairs in Cambridge, MA on April 17, 2016

Filter – Crazy Eyes

Mantar – Ode To The Flame

Primitive Weapons – The Future Of Death


  1. Whoa, a 2 point difference on Mantar. I can’t even remember the last time that happened. How many drinks is that in the drinking game?

    I bought the new Mantar album, but I actually haven’t listened to it yet because I’ve been listening to The Zenith Passage and Arktis by Ihsahn. I’m liking Arktis a lot. I could have sworn that you guys reviewed Eremita from Ihsahn 3 years ago, but Brian noted to me that you never reviewed it. Eremita wasn’t bad, but wasn’t great. Arktis is better than Eremita.

    I actually was a Filter fan back in the late 90s, but haven’t listened to them in a long time.

    I don’t have any more time to comment because I have to watch the new season of Game of Thrones starting tonight.

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